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Recent updates

Update Version 1.3.0
Added new Language options: French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese! Added some multi-color combinations. Cleaned up some textures, and switched over to smaller...
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Update v1.2.0
Update Version 1.2.0 expanded on the first-launch Intro, slowed it down, and added another skip option very slight boost to ship speeds very slight boost to pow...
2 files
Version 1.1
Woo, new update! I took a break on development after initial release, but then circled back to add a few new features. A couple I had thought about during v...
1 file
PolyGone Released!
Hello world! Version 1.0.0 is now live!...
Local Co-op/vs. twinstick 2D shooter
Here we go
Prep for release! Got the last of the files updated, even added a snazzy manual. Also added the OST package...
3 files
Got the 64-bit Linux build uploaded. Not sure what's up with the 32-bit version. Of course with Linux, you need to get the latest package for the open source st...
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Updates 2
Finished cleanup of most of the group test feedback, and another round of my own notes. Still adding a lot of little tiny tweaks and polish, but I think its pre...
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Begin Testing
First Devlog! Just set up a download for the testing crew. This should run a couple weeks and then I'll incorporate feed back in. At this point I don't foresee...
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